T-TEL collaborates with Accra College of Education to mark International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The Accra College of Education through its Teaching and Learning Resource Centre, collaborated with Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL) to commemorate International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGS) 2022. The day aimed to recognise the role of women and girls in science and the need to support, encourage and empower more women and girls to pursue science as a career.

On The Path to Becoming a Teacher

I have often been asked why a female like me finds interest in teaching Science and Mathematics. I shrug and say they are like any other subjects. I have always loved Science and Mathematics and find them to be extremely easy subjects. My goal is to change the perception that boys are better at Mathematic than girls; I have a strong conviction that women and girls can equally do well in all endeavours if they put their minds and efforts to them.