Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL) holds its second Annual General Meeting.

T-TEL held its second Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Accra on Saturday, 23rd April 2022. The AGM enables Board Members, T-TEL Subscribers, Key Advisers, Consultants and Senior Management to discuss  how T-TEL is run and ensure that the organization remains true to its vision, mission and values. The AGM  also provides the opportunity to present the Directors’ Report  on progress made, challenges and opportunities and the organisation’s Audited Financial Statements prepared by T-TEL’s external auditors, A.D. & Associates.

The AGM was hybrid, allowing participants to attend either in-person or virtually. 

A cross section of board members, subscribers and key advisors at the AGM

Professor Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, T-TEL’s Board Chair, opened the meeting with a welcome address. He expressed appreciation to the Directors, Subscribers, the Ministry of Education and its key agencies, including Ghana Education Service, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, National Teaching Council, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and the National School Inspectorate Authority,  the five teaching universities,   46 Public Colleges of Education and T-TEL’s funding partners for their “sustained collaboration” to transform Ghana’s education system. Professor Anamuah-Mensah noted that , “together, these partners and collaborators are bringing about an evolution in the structure and function of education to ensure increased learning.” Similarly, he commended the Executive Director, Robin Todd, for his leadership and effort in ensuring that T-TEL worked towards achieving its set goals. “We have succeeded through our engagements with our partners and through the collaborative work of the senior management, key advisers, coordinators and staff of T-TEL who have shown excellence in their work.”

Prof. Jophus Anamuah-Mensah addressing the meeting

The Executive Director of T-TEL, Robin Todd, then gave a presentation on the Directors’ Report for 2021-22. The Report is  structured  into three areas: 

1.     Governance, administrative and regulatory compliance;

2.     Education technical assistance and programme delivery; and 

3.     Financial management, sustainability, and funding diversification

Robin explained  that T-TEL plays a supporting role to the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education and its agencies to improve education quality. Throughout its work T-TEL tries to adhere to world class standards and represent the best of Ghana. Some of the highlights of 2021-22 presented in the Directors’ Report include:

  • The expansion of the organisation so that T-TEL now employs 54 full-time staff, an increase of 13 since the previous AGM.  An employee satisfaction survey found that 93% of staff were either extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied to work in T-TEL.
  • Significant progress made on the Mastercard Foundation supported Transforming Senior High School Education, Teaching & Learning (T-SHEL) programme. This includes support to NaCCA to oversee the consultative development of a new secondary education curriculum; education improvement interventions with GES in 12 challenged Senior High Schools; and support to GTEC, universities and Colleges of Education to write, print and distribute a complete set of professional development and course materials for the four year B.Ed. in Initial Teacher Education.
  • The development of a productive partnership with the Jacobs Foundation including the start of the District Managing for Learning programme with GES. This programme is working in 3 Districts to build strong and adaptive learning ecosystems across all basic schools and communities to improve learning outcomes. 

The Directors’ Report and Annual Financial Statement were examined and approved by the Board and Subscribers following a lengthy and insightful discussion as to ways in which T-TEL can continue to support Ghana’s education system to improve. 

Robin Todd, Executive Director of T-TEL presenting at the AGM

In his closing remarks, Professor Anamuah-Mensah encouraged staff to continue working in a collaborative manner to meet organizational goals. “The way in front of us requires more effort, so we need to work harder. Everyone appreciates the work we have done so far, but there is more ahead of us that we need to do and I believe we will be able to support one another to do it.”

Participants at the AGM

The Directors’ Report and Annual Financial Statements can be downloaded here: