Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL) holds its 3rd Annual General Meeting to review progress on collaborative efforts towards education reform

T-TEL Board Members, Subscribers, Key Advisors and Staff at the AGM

T-TEL recently held its third Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, May 27, 2023, in Accra. The AGM provided the opportunity for Board Members, T-TEL Subscribers, Key Advisors and Senior Management toreview the organization’s operations in 2022/23, to celebrate successes and strategize as to how to overcome challenges going forward.

The AGM was chaired by Professor Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, T-TEL’s Board Chair.  

Robin Todd, T-TEL’s Executive Director, presented the organisation’s Directors’ Report for 2022/23 on behalf of the Board. The Report covered the three focal areas in T-TEL’s strategic framework: a). Governance, administrative and regulatory compliance; b). Education technical assistance and programme delivery; and c)Financial management, sustainability, and funding diversification.

Mr. Robin Todd presenting the Directors’ Report at the AGM

Emphasizing T-TEL’s close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and key agencies, such as the Ghana Education Service, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, National Teaching Council, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, National Service Scheme and National Schools Inspectorate Authority as well as universities, Colleges of Education, and schools, Mr. Todd underscored that T-TEL’s role is to support these institutions to implement their priorities.

He stated, “T-TEL’s work approach is to ensure that we support the Ministry of Education and its agencies in driving educational reforms, so that they have the leading role and are truly at the forefront of these reforms.”

 Some highlights from the Director’s presentation included:

Organizational Growth and insights from Employee Satisfaction Survey: T-TEL has experienced notable growth currently employing 62 full time staff, an increase of 8 since the last AGM. Additionally, 11 part-time Key Advisors provide guidance and expertise to the organization. A recent employee satisfaction survey revealed that 93% of staff were either extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied to work in T-TEL, indicating a positive work environment and employee morale.

Secondary Education Reform (Leaders in Teaching) programme: T-TEL has made significant progress with the Transforming Senior High School Education, Teaching & Learning (T-SHEL) programme which successfully came to an end in March 2023. Building upon this success, T-TEL is supporting the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education and its agencies to transform secondary education through the Secondary Education Reform Programme (SETP) which is being implemented in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. As part of this secondary education reform programme, the Ghana Education Service (GES) and National Teaching Council (NTC) have introduced Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions using structured materials in 705 Senior High Schools (SHSs) and Senior High Secondary Technical Schools (SHTSs) across Ghana. This is following the successful implementation of PLCs in 12 SHSs and SHTSs. The PLC sessions will ensure that teachers understand and embrace the new secondary education curriculum before it is rolled out nationally in the 2024/25 academic year. 

Communities of Excellence Programme (CEP): T-TEL is supporting GES in implementing the CEP in three districts – Akuapem South, Lambussie and Bosome Freho. The programme which is funded by the Jacobs Foundation focuses on three key areas: Culture, Skills and Collaboration. The aim of CEP is to enhance the resources available at school and community level with focus on improving foundational literacy, increasing community and parental engagement in basic education and ensuring that teachers are delivering the curriculum as intended.

During the AGM, the Board and Subscribers actively engaged in discussions, acknowledging and commending T-TEL for its remarkable achievements over the past year. Constructive feedback was provided, focusing on strengthening processes and systems for effective program delivery. As a result, the Directors’ Report received unanimous approval, reflecting the unwavering support and confidence of the Board and Subscribers.

A cross-section of attendees at the AGM

In conclusion, the AGM showcased T-TEL’s commitment to transforming education in Ghana through collaboration and innovative initiatives. With the approval of the Directors’ Report, T-TEL is poised to continue its journey of driving sustainable change in the educational landscape, ultimately benefitting the nation and future generations.

The Directors’ Report can be downloaded at this link –