T-TEL @ 1 – Message from our Vice Chair, Sr. Elizabeth Amoako-Arhen

T-TEL is One today! Hip, Hip, Hip, Hurray

On this special occasion marking the first Anniversary of T-TEL (Transforming Teaching, Education & Learning), I send this message to acknowledge and commend everyone who has contributed to make this one year such a great success and the anniversary worth celebrating. Congratulations to the Board of Directors and management for standing the test of time and achieving so much within a year and in the midst of the global pandemic.

T-TEL’s Vision, which is: Transformed Education for Development is extremely important for education in our contemporary Ghanaian society more now than ever. Whilst education is widely recognised as the tool for development, in Ghana emphasis with regards to such education development seems to be geared towards increase in access to education.

T-TEL’s Vision, which hinge on transformation is a good support for Ghana to enable the country achieve a far-reaching and more comprehensive transformation in the quality and relevance of education offered in our school system. Welcoming T-TEL’s vision and incorporating its activities will go a long way to complement the development in access already gained through FCUBE and the Free SHS programmes, to bring the needed balance which will make Ghana’s education fit for purpose as we desire.

It is simply amazing the amount of work which has been carried out within a year of the New T-TEL’s existence. Although the erstwhile T-TEL has completed its mandate, the new organisation is monitoring activities of Colleges to ensure that gains made in previous years are sustained.  

The future of the Colleges of Education in Ghana to a very large extent depends on how effective and efficient their affiliate University monitors them. In recognition of this, the new T-TEL has gone further to strengthen this important relationship and formalised it with the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) to commit the universities more.

The “deep dive fact finding survey” of some secondary schools by T-TEL has to a greater extent opened up the current situation in Ghana’s Senior High School (SHS) education. The survey has brought to light certain key challenges facing senior high schools; these require urgent attention to ensure that every SHS graduate is equipped with the values, attitudes, skills and competencies which they will need for their future lives.

Secondary education is critical for Ghana’s economic growth. Unfortunately, the nation does not have a national policy that clearly spells out the nation’s aspirations and goals for secondary education. T-TEL has taken the bull by the horn and driving this agenda.

Special Congratulations to our Board of Directors! Your unwavering passion for quality education and transformation in our education system goes to the point where you desire that every student will leave school adequately equipped with the content knowledge, analytical and critical thinking skills to be able to solve day to day problems needed to progress in their future lives.

T-TEL Ayekoo for a smooth take-off! Although the organisation is young, our brilliant team of dedicated Board of Directors and workers, and the friendly work environment will enable the organisation to aim for higher results.

More successes for many more years to come!