UDS and T-TEL collaboration strengthened through provision of joint office space in Tamale

The University for Development Studies (UDS) has handed over office space to Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL) at their City Campus in Tamale. The space is to be used by the T-TEL team which is working in partnership with UDS to support implementation of the B.Ed. in their affiliated Colleges of Education. As well as providing an office for T-TEL the building will also serve as a meeting and workshop space for UDS’s affiliated Colleges. 

UDS management, led by Professor A.K Donkor, Director, Directorate of Colleges of Education Affiliation   acting on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, officially handed the building’s keys to  Robin Todd, Executive Director, T-TEL at a brief ceremony on Friday 18th June.

Earlier this year UDS and T-TEL signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which UDS agreed to provide space on their campus for the T-TEL team.  Renovations on the newly commissioned building were caried out by UDS’s City Campus estates department with financial support from T-TEL through the Mastercard Foundation.  

At a short ceremony for the presentation, Prof Donkor did a symbolic handing over and presentation of the keys to Mr. Todd. 

Prof. Donkor handing over keys to Mr. Todd

In a brief comment, before handing over the keys, Prof Donkor indicated that “the VC wants his directorate to have a place that could facilitate its work and is happy to hand over this building to be used by T-TEL and the Directorate of Colleges of Education Affiliation”. 

The Executive Director of T-TEL expressed his appreciation to UDS management for providing the space and indicated it would facilitate the work of T-TEL and the directorate in supporting their affiliated Colleges of Education.

Other dignitaries who attended the ceremony included Prof. Owusu Sekyere, Director ICCE at UDS, the Heads of Department of Security, Health and Estate departments of UDS City Campus, Mr. Peter Jayom Chammik, T-TEL’s UDS University Coordinator and Mr. Paul Twene, T-TEL’s UDS Education Advisor UDS. 

The team toured the renovated building after the presentation of the keys.. And commended UDS’s  Estates Officer for the work done. 

The building includes offices as well as a meeting and conference space. T-TEL is grateful to UDS for their efforts in providing this facility.