Emergency Remote Teaching & Learning in Public Colleges of Education- Ghana

In March 2020, Government of Ghana announced the closure of all schools as a measure to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Government of Ghana, supported by T-TEL, instituted a Teacher Education ‘Virtual Learning Taskforce’ to ensure continuity of teaching and learning in response to school closures caused by COVID-19. The Taskforce met regularly to ensure that teacher education continuethrough virtual and online learning until such a point as institutions can re-open. As a temporary measure to ensure continuity of teacher education amid the pandemic, the Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning Initiative was established in all 46 Colleges of Education to minimize the impact of the pandemic on teaching and learning in Ghana. A year down the line Colleges of Education have adopted and implemented blended learning.  This documentary highlights the experiences, challenges faced and the measures taken by Colleges of Education to ensure the continuity of teacher education amid the pandemic.